Camp Kookawacka Woods

This past week I was assigned to work with our Academy’s 6th grade production of the Patch the Pirate story, Camp Kookawacka Woods. I worked as the FOH sound tech, which we call the “Primary.” As Primary, and the only staff member working with Media for this production, I also had several of our graduating seniors assisting me with sound effects, spotlight, microphones, and video recording.

I was Primary for another play back in November, Tied Down, and had similar duties. That was my first play I had done for the Academy. I had a couple months of prep time for sound effects and run-throughs with the director, plus a week’s-worth of rehearsals with the actors.

Kookawacka was a bit quicker for me on my end. I found the sound effects and went through the lighting cues with the director only a few days before the play. It wasn’t a huge dramatic production, but working with younger kids can require much more time for the AV production team. The music for transitions was the best I could do, but it sounded a bit repetitive since it needed to loop about 5 times for the transition to end.

One excellent help for us was a product called Soundboard by Ambrosia Software; we used it with a Macbook to play our sound effects. It works very well and has some options to loop sounds and fade audio, we have all the effects set by scene and all the SFX operator needs to do is press the appropriate key while reading along in her script.

The gospel was preached through the play, and though no people came forward to accept Christ, the seed was planted in the hearts of our visitors, and we’ll see where that leads.

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