Skype Wedding

Last month, our church’s music director had an operation to remove some of his intestine, and has not been released yet to stay at home. Everyone has been praying for his speedy recovery, but sometimes he has good days, others bad. All this came as his oldest daughter was to be married, and he was not going to be there.

So when we had the Kookawacka play, we brought him a laptop so he could watch the live stream of it in the ICU. For whatever reason, the stream would not work in his room. I asked the hospital’s IT department, but they could not tell why there was the issue either.

Now the wedding was three days after the play. I figured it was just a fluke and wouldn’t happen again, but we all weren’t very sure of that.

We tried the live stream at a Wegman’s café using their wifi. The latency was about 1 minute and 30 seconds, which wasn’t the problem, it just became very choppy. We had to bail on it and turned to the popular VOIP software Skype.

We’ve used Skype for Missionaries in the field where we talk to them live during the church service, so the setup was not hard to do. We would have to use a tiny webcam in the soundbooth in the balcony for them to see, but they could hear clearly with the audio feed I got to it.

It’s interesting how good of quality any “homemade” production can be, and even the technical feats that can be accomplished by amateurs these days. All for free, too.

The wedding went as scheduled, the Skype call worked, and a father got to at least listen to his daughter’s wedding live, though he couldn’t be there. Thank God for the technology we have and the good uses it all has.


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