The Quest for Power

After every church service we have our Sound Team rip the CD of the message as an mp3 file into our iTunes library to then be put on our website. The file was missing from Sunday morning, so I had to go to the computer in the Main Auditorium to find it.

As I embarked to the soundbooth, I stumbled upon one of our maintenance men repainting a door to the entrance to our gymnasium, the Family Life Center, or FLC. I could hear from outside my office the voice of Alistair Begg’s radio show, Truth for Life. Typically when the maintenance men are working they’ll listen to the radio, so this did not seem unusual to me. I would do the same thing. But what was unusual was Glenn’s method of getting to listen to it.

across the gym floor

He listened with this big Bose radio/CD player, which of course needs to be plugged into the wall. Glenn was painting at the far end, with the radio on, and I walked along the bleachers looking at this black and red wire stretched on top of the basketball court.

As I got closer I saw Glenn had it plugged into a second yellow extension cord.

200 feet

But I thought, there has to be a better way. As I rounded the corner to enter the hallway, just beyond where Glenn was working, I saw the inevitable:

oh so close!

a closer plug.

It must have been a good show. Oh, and when I checked the computer the file wasn’t there.

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