Storyboarding Example

When you work on any video project, you can’t just grab your camera and shoot the footage and slap it together and expect an amazing result. Proper video projects require the majority of the time spent in pre-production planning out each sequence, shot, move, and possibly edit.

When I worked on our World Missions Conference video, I made some of these storyboard drawings to help me visualize what I wanted to accomplish. Pardon the stick figures, but, I do video not art.

the intro had to get the setting of everyday people at home

This video was going to show, through pictures, how any and every Christian is called to be a missionary, either home or abroad. We would interview people who, of course, had gone on missions trips and would talk about their experiences.

In the first page I had my intro of a sunrise and then a transition to a home and a woman at home, possibly a homemaker, who may not have been able to go on a missions trip herself, but definitely desired to go.

incomplete, but the ideas for the others are there

The next was a man at his work in a warehouse, and a student, and a roofer, and a future missionary. I had the formula down, to introduce them, show pictures of them at home, then on their trip ministering, and their everyday life. I knew who I was going to interview first, but did not have the pictures until afterwards. I went to each person’s home or work and interviewed them and took pictures of them doing their jobs. Lots of pictures. That is what I would eventually put together.

But to give it some more depth, I needed some ambient noise as you can see noted in the first storyboard. I took our iPod recorder (an iPod fitted as a digital recorder) and quietly sneaked up to a tree on the church’s property with dozens of birds chirping in it. I stood there for about two minutes recording their song, and a few trucks driving by. This is the edit.

Storyboarding is a vital help to your project. It helps visualize what your mind’s eye sees for you and others, and can help you see motion and other elements you’ll need to complete the shot.

Here is the completed video. It played back in October.

One thought on “Storyboarding Example

  1. Storyboarding can be used in so many different ways! What a great tool to start getting your ideas together and putting them into a visual form before the actual video. Love the results! It is both edifying to the church and glorifying to our God!

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