April Fool’s!

Back in 2005, I had a great idea for a prank on my parents. I woke up very early that morning, and took all the car keys and moved all the cars down the street, just out of view from the front windows of the house. I scoped it out in advance and knew just how far I needed to move them.

A few hours later, my parents woke up and had breakfast as usual. I was upstairs brushing my teeth and I heard the back door swing open to the driveway and a couple footsteps on the porch. The sounds stopped, then the door opened up again. My dad yelled for my mom, “Mira, Amy, where are the cars?” She replied they should be outside, but Dad said they weren’t there. They look around and couldn’t find them, and all the keys were back on the hooks.

After listening and laughing for a few minutes I ran down the steps into the kitchen and shouted “April Fool’s!” My dad turned at me and in a strong and serious tone, “Where are the cars!” I didn’t know he was running late that morning. I showed them where they were and had to move some of them back. Mom thought it was kind of funny. Dad didn’t.

As an added bonus about this story, I shared it on facebook this morning with the local Fox morning show, and they read it on air! Best prank ever!

One thought on “April Fool’s!

  1. It really was a great April Fool’s prank! One of the best! I still smile when I think of Papi’s reaction and my own bewilderment! Good job, son! Congrats on its being read on Fox!

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