Can’t Access USB on Windows

This is just a quick tip for anyone who’s ever had an issue connecting a flash drive to a Windows PC. It happened to me this weekend for our evening service. We had a PPT to add just at the start and when we plugged in the flash drive, nothing popped up, and the drive letter we thought it was would not let us access it, it gave us some sort of error I didn’t bother reading because I was too frustrated to care.

We needed this PPT in who knows how many seconds and I wasn’t even sure if H was the right drive. We have a server that takes up a lot of the alphabet at church. I looked at the My Computer window and pulled out the drive and watched to see which letter disappeared. Sure enough it was H. I plug it back in and the same error about something.

I’m running out of seconds by this point. I learned one trick, I don’t know where from, but it’s helped when I need to access any drive when it is connected but will not let me explore. In the address bar in the My Computer window, we typed “H:/” without quotes, and it let us right in to the flash drive. I don’t know why it just doesn’t let me in to begin with, but hey, we got the PPT with enough time to spare.

If you ever can’t access a USB drive that is properly connected, try typing the drive letter followed by a colon–you know, the emoticon eyes– in the address bar.

Or just get a Mac.

One thought on “Can’t Access USB on Windows

  1. That is good to know. I have several Smart Notebook activities on my flash drive and do not always use the same computer since I float from room to room. Now I know what to do if this should ever come up! Gracias! God Bless!

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