Storyboarding Example 2

Mother’s Day is quickly approaching, and we wanted to make a special video showcasing the holiday. Our media team decided to do a spoof from a funny commercial from earlier this year. One family agreed and we quickly got to creating our scenes.

The idea from the commercial was to have a “boardroom-like” meeting of a mother getting ready for the day at breakfast. She then hears of the day’s problems from everyone she would interact with before her day even begins. Then, rather than be glad she has orange juice, sorry Florida, we wanted to honor mothers for what a gift they all are from God.

We wanted the same feel, but with our own twist. Our storyboard came first with some shots from the commercial. We then made the script according to each person who would speak. Then we merge the two and made up the final result. I also made a small map which would say who would sit where at the breakfast table.

Map of table. Awesome, huh?

At the shoot, we got our actors together and had a couple read throughs before we began. We shot nearly every shot out of order, which is the blessing of non-linear editing, starting with the mom, then the left side, then right side of the table. Having our storyboard helped out with knowing which angles and which sides of the table to be on, knowing who was going to be positioned where in the shot, and even which direction they would be facing.

Storyboard page 1, shows direction actors faced

The storyboard was instrumental in accomplishing this project. When the photographer was getting into place, I had the storyboard and showed him the angle I envisioned. We collaborated because of the set, and made some great shots. Having the storyboard was invaluable because each angle was preplanned along with which lines would be said. This was a more simple production in that aspect, but without those pieces of paper, we would have been at the shoot longer and probably arguing as to which shot would look better.

Make a storyboard for crying out loud.

The final result has us all amazed. We’re looking forward to showing it off for Mother’s Day next week. Come back next weekend to see the finished product. Until then, here are two snapshots from our shoot today.

The Mom pouring coffee and preparing for the day
The Dad, who would make a great Cheerio's spokesman

One thought on “Storyboarding Example 2

  1. Hi Mr. Producer, Like the idea and looking forward to the final product. Agree with the spokesman for Cheerios commercial that could be.

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