Peak Media Group

So, I wondered when we’d get around to it, but now I’ll let all you know that our Media team is not just the “Media Guys of Valley Forge Baptist.” We have a little moniker we like to call Peak Media. There you’ll find what we’re up to as a group, but do check out our individual blogs. You’ll find links in Peak Media’s blogroll.

We’re determined to use our God-given talents to glorify Him in media productions. It’s more than just making funny videos or sweet looking graphics. Churches and other institutions are increasing their presence on the Internet with “modern” graphical representation. There is a greater expectation on our part because of this, as I’ll talk about in another post. Still, We ought to have a respectable and professional look to our viewers (and we want everyone to see and hear the Good News through us, too!) It’s important to have a good-looking product, and one with a solid message will make the difference.

Anyway, check us out, and perhaps we’ll have some inspirational things that you can use in your own way!

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