Christian Broadcasting Workshop

Earlier this year I was asked to give a lecture on being a Christian Broadcaster to a group of Christian high school students. Lately, I had been looking for some way to share some of my experiences with the students of our Academy more–this looked to be just right. I accepted and started preparing my materials.

I talked to my Dean from college about it, and he gave me some pointers in going the right direction. Later, I asked my old Broadcasting buddies from school what they thought of being Christian Broadcasters and got great responses from them all! I poured through my old notes, some books, and looked over old projects I had done to show the students what it means to be a Christian Broadcaster to me.

So what does it mean? I really have a lot to say about this, but I’ll keep it brief. Every media outlet has a message to deliver, has a definite purpose in delivering that message, and is consumed with the desire to get that message across to their audience. 🙂 In the secular world, they create TV shows, music, and other programing to tell their story to the masses and get them to respond by either laughing, crying, or buying. In the Christian Broadcasting realm, we have similar motives, but we have a greater message, and that is the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

That being said, Christian Television and Radio are in direct competition with every other format of Broadcast Media out there. I felt compelled to explain that to the students, though even if they don’t go into Christian Broadcasting, they should always keep their standards.

I had so much I wanted to share. I ended up writing the whole thing out, sat my wife down and recited it to her. After about 2 pages we both were bored to death. She asked me how many pages I had. I told her 14. She immediately said no way and helped me condense. Do I write a lot?

When I arrived at the school, I got my name tag and room assignment. Later I got to the room and set up my projector and laptop. I discovered they had me down as “broadcasting/video production.” Though they have some similarities, I was not prepared to discuss Video Production with them. So, I went through my presentation in about 30 minutes, having it mostly memorized but just had my notes on my slideshow. It was interesting to finally make myself a PPT as opposed to having it done for someone else. Throughout high school and college I had to use transparencies.

The lecture went well, though. I had about 30 people attend, filling up the small classroom. I felt I had plenty of information to share, though the students may have been more interested in movie-making or looking at more examples of hi-tech equipment than I had.

Overall, it was a good experience and I would definitely do it again. I recorded my presentation, and put it up on YouTube for you to hear. It is about 20 minutes long, so be prepared for that.

What does being a Christian in your workplace mean to you?

One thought on “Christian Broadcasting Workshop

  1. Couldn’t put it much better myself. I’m happy to hear that you have been used to inspire others about Christian media.

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