Graduation Preparation

Yesterday was our church’s Academy Graduation. We have been getting ready for it for the past few months. I was going to be in charge of the sound reinforcement for the event, but also making sure that all the media needs were met.

The Theme Slide for Graduation

We had one PowerPoint Presentation to show during the graduation ceremony. It had the theme graphic along with a picture and life verse of each senior with a prerecorded message made by them thanking their loved ones. I recorded those mp3s with them earlier in the week. When I made the PPT, I had to have the audio back 1 sec. and then play automatically when the slide was advanced. Basically, the sound clip plays instantly, but there is one second of silence at the beginning of the sound clip, followed by the student’s voice. I had my Secondary, Chris, operating that, and we planned on advancing the slides when their names were called by the school administrator. We advanced when she read their middle names, which gave them enough time to stand, hear their voices from the PPT, and go get graduated. Everything worked like a charm!

Then in the reception, we had 3 things to do media-wise. We played some Beethoven while the graduates entered and received their “Academy Awards,” get it? The church’s school is the Academy, and they got Awards? Ha ha!

Immediately following that we played the Junior’s silly song about them being cool and ruling the school now that the seniors are gone, to the tune of the Brady Bunch.

Lastly was the Senior Growing Up slideshow, with pictures I got from them in the past few months. About 9 minutes for that, and a little slow with the music, but people liked it and I got comments on how nice the music was. I told the woman who asked it was just some music I bought at the dollar store, though it was really nice, hence why I used it.

All in all, a success. My congratulations to the graduates and to all those who will be finishing High School and College!

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