The Best Way to Share Your Videos with Your Contacts

My sister recently made a video with her niece, nephew, and daughter. It was a cute little thing with looping audio she made in GarageBand and wanted to share it with the rest of her family. She called me and asked how she could compress the video so she could e-mail it to everyone. Here’s what I said,


Even though her video was less than 2 minutes long, compressing a video file, or many other types is virtually useless to me, much less to others who don’t know how it’s done. Her video had 2 separate audio tracks plus the video, and it was not really an enormous file by any means. But, if you want to e-mail your family a video, attaching the video is a slower and more time consuming process for the person in your “To” box.

Here’s a simpler solution. Rather than wasting time trying to get e-mail servers to compress your video files, upload them to YouTube. This company gives you a free account with an unlimited storage capacity, and it can be seen by those who you want to see it! Plus, you don’t need to keep the files on your desktop, you can redownload them from YouTube anytime! No need to waste hard drive space. What’s more, you can permit and restrict people from seeing your videos as you want. And, of course, in stead of e-mailing a video, you send a link where people don’t have to download your attachment, they can just view it directly online whenever they want.

This is a great way to use the Internet and save time. Almost immediately after your video has been uploaded, you can send the link to your family and friends and they can watch it without having to download first.

Am I right or am I right?

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