Voicing VBS Puppets, ¡En Español!

A group from church will go to Costa Rica on a Misisons Trip and hold a Vacation Bible School for the week. They will be using last year’s theme, SeaQuest, along with the materials and even the puppets.

One problem. The CD for the puppets is in English, and last I checked, the official language of Costa Rica is not.

But we made a solution usable for anyone who may find themselves in the same boat. Get it? Boat and SeaQuest?

One of the native speakers in our church did an excellent job translating the script including the narration and each part. Four other Spanish speakers and I met in our Media Office and read through the entire translated script. I set up 4 wired mics on stands spread out from each other for each of them, and another for myself by the mixer where I would read my lines.

Our mics and mixer

Because we only had one shot at this, and it needed to be done quickly, I connected my mixer’s mono output directly into my Mac Pro’s 3.5mm line input. I recorded directly to Audacity and saved the project after every scene. This way, I didn’t have a CD to rip, or any files to transfer to the computer; I had them already stored on the disk.

The next day I spent going through the script, recording some additional lines, and editing the dialogs. What an intense day it was! It’s one thing just to mouth a puppet for someone who has prerecorded the script, but to actually be the voice and have the proper inflection, and listen and be sure things make sense took a lot of work to do in just one day!

Editing Waveforms in Audacity. The shaded part is the same as what follows it. The inflection of the actor was slightly different.

This is just another thing I get to add to my repertoire, being a character voice for a puppet in a Spanish VBS in Costa Rica. If you did SeaQuest last year, can you take a guess which puppet I played?

May God use the lessons of the puppets to lead some of the kids to Christ!

2 thoughts on “Voicing VBS Puppets, ¡En Español!

  1. Israel~ You are a GENIOUS!! I’m sooo thankful you are doing Gods work. You are a blessing to so many people! Are you going also?

  2. Thanks! But, no,I won’t be going on this trip. Someday I’m sure I’ll be going on a trip like this. I didn’t mention, but they will actually use this same recording for the same purpose in Peru later this year!

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