Multimedia AV Cart: Some Assembly Required

At my church we have eight AV carts designed for most any application. It has a VHS/DVD player, 2.1 Logitech speakers, Canon projector, and a Dell laptop all combined in a small, wheeled cart. They have been used for several years, in good condition, but in need of a redesign.

They aren’t always used by the same people each week, so sometimes the projector gets turned one way and the laptop another. The speakers are always falling off the top, too. So we need to redesign their five-year-old layout to fit more universally.

One cart fully assembled

This summer, it is one of my projects to reassemble these carts to fit nicely.

Bare cart

This is the plain cart I’m starting with, and if I can devise a working prototype, we will disassemble the rest and redo them in this fashion.

What I have to work with

I will be putting some of my designs up for you to see over the next month. If you think you have any suggestions, leave a comment below and we can figure this out together! Please do before September, because that’s when it needs to be completed.

One thought on “Multimedia AV Cart: Some Assembly Required

  1. My beautiful carts!! What did you do?? LOL.

    Subwoofer, no brainer, bottom shelf. DVD\VCR second shelf, laptop and projector, top shelf. Now which goes on top and which uses the removable shelf, up to you. Speakers, personally I think they need to hang off the sides, strapped on or small addon shelves or something.

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