East Coast Earthquake 2011

Early this afternoon I experienced an earthquake, as millions of others did. I was sitting at my desk working on some papers when one of my officemates left the room. After he went through the door, I heard the doors rattling together. Once I heard the noise, my chair started to slightly sway back and forth. It was such an awkward feeling, I had never experienced such a thing before.

I looked at my other coworkers after a few seconds and we gave each other some puzzled looks and asked, “Did you feel that?”

I went to the other offices and asked the secretaries if they felt it, and of course they did. I called my dad in Connecticut and the family up there all felt it. We checked out the news and some social media sites and found many of our friends and family had also felt the quake, for many of them it was the first one they had ever felt.

What I found so surprising was how quickly people were online and spreading the news. In times of crisis, Facebook and twitter have become very integral in keeping people aware and informed. It’s interesting to me that people can use this form of technology like a type of emergency calling service, letting officials know where they are and what the problem could be.

I’m grateful that it was not worse in our area and that no one was hurt. God is in control, and we should be thankful that there was not much serious damage, like other quakes in Japan, India, and Haiti.

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