When Did You Stop Learning?

These thoughts may read more like a ramble, so please forgive me. I haven’t blogged much lately, and I just had to say something. Hope you find it useful.

Lots of blogs and websites share a person’s experiences, telling about their day, their thoughts, similar to a journal. They are useful and very insightful. Some people are writers, authors, teachers, mothers and fathers. Everyone has something to share, and everyone else has time to listen. Or do they?

When I finished college I knew about television and radio broadcasting, I knew very little about how the Internet worked, I knew next to nothing about high definition video, you know, that whole thing.

I thought that when I finished schooling I was done. Done learning things I didn’t know to learn more about what I did know.

Over time I needed new skills. Assignments came I was not familiar with and I needed to expand my knowledge base to be able to handle more. More criticism, more time restrictions, more volume of work, more efficient ways of completing projects.

I didn’t just discover the answer spontaneously! I searched for it! Just as someone may search for the answer and reason for life and find it in Jesus Christ! I read, and researched, and LEARNED.

I’ve learned different standards for video, how to manipulate audio, how to listen for the right sound, how to listen for intonation of speech, how to use the Internet to a greater extent, and tons of shortcuts! I know how to use technology not only because it fascinates me, but because it can be useful to not just me, but to you and millions of others!

There were many things I did not know how to do which would have held me up and stopped my progress. But I determined I had to know. Google is pretty good at these things, why not try using it to find something useful?

How can I stop learning? This world is filled with worth-while knowledge. What I know now will not be enough in the future, I’m sure. So I need to learn more. I must use my talents and skills for the good of others.

Now, how about you? Is there something you don’t know how to do and just give up? Is it not even a thought for you to try and discover the answer for yourself? How many more talents and abilities can you acquire just by trying? You’re never done learning.

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