Being an iPhone “MP3-DJ”

Last month, in honor of our civil servants, police officers, fireman, and to all who perished on 9/11, we held a luncheon in our gymnasium for the 10th anniversary of that fateful day. I was asked to attend and provide background music for the meal. Changin the music in the soundbooth in the gym invokes going through two locked doors and up a steep stairwell; a cumbersome task when I’m dressed for church. I needed a 21st century solution. Enter my iPhone.

Before the services that morning I set up my iPhone to the computer in the booth using iTunes and the free Remote app available through the Apple App Store. A playlist already existed with appropriate music and I left the volume up and ready for the lunch.

I had one setback, trying to select the correct wifi network that the iTunes computer. This app works only if you have a wifi network. It is fine to have a wired desktop, which we have, but somewhere you need a wifi router. Once I selected the correct network, I paired my device to it and had the playlist and all other songs from that iTunes music library visible on my iPhone.

As the lunch started, my wife and I came in and found our seats. I pulled out the iPhone and started the music. It was a bit loud, but that was no problem since the app allowed me to change the output volume of the music. I left the device by my plate with the screen saver disabled so I could change it at any time. When the pastor needed to speak using a microphone, i simply paused the music and resumed it when he was finished. The people at my table were very amused by it, even thinking that since it was an iPhone it would act like a wireless mic and their conversation would be heard over the speaker system.

The app worked out great for this situation, and does well in the home, too. But if you are doing more mixing and playing a greater variety of music, this may not be as useful. This app works well also with the iPod Touch and iPad.

2 thoughts on “Being an iPhone “MP3-DJ”

  1. Hola Israel, I would be amazed also if I see you doing all that with the Iphone. I’m so happy that you are so smart and using your talent for the advancement of the Glory of God. Keep the great work your doing. God bless the two of you.

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