The Internet’s True Potential

According to a news article I read recently, in 2011 the Internet “split in two.” Basically, there was traditional Internet browsing on computers and laptops, but because of the “app boom” and the use of mobile web browsers, a more common way to surf the web is while on the move,  and not sitting at a desk. I think web surfing on a computer is getting close to seeing its end.

For quite some time, I have noticed this and many of you have seen and have even thought of it as well. But, you may not have realized you were doing so. We’ve thought of the “house of the future,” where the fridge will tell you you’re low on milk, or having some way of being able to “video chat” (as we call it today) with someone in a far away place. These things are now available, and it is all because of the Internet.

The only use of the Internet first was web surfing. Web browsing on a computer was the only way to do it up until the mobile web started about half a decade ago on cell phones. Once that caught on, desktop browsing has become more and more (in my estimation) obsolete. Yes, of course you will always have a faster signal on a computer, but it is the device we’re using that is important here. We have an iPad in our home, a laptop, and a desktop computer. When I want to search the Internet, I kindly ask my wife to borrow the iPad, unless she’s using Pinterest, then I will have to use my laptop. To anyone who owns a mobile device, it will likely be your first choice for going on or using the Internet. But why?

This is because the Internet is a medium that is not bound to any one device. Wow, real groundbreaking there, right? But think about it. Your car can use the Internet, your phone, your camera, refrigerator, TV, and even gaming devices, and printers, wirelessly! The Internet is, of course, a means for communication, therefore, these devices can be used to communicate with other people (through Facebook, perhaps?) transmitting and receiving information all the time from anywhere.

The point is, these devices do not have any one purpose with the Internet. They have APPS. Programs, software, tools that access the Internet to make the “house of the future” possible. Desktop computers have their use for doing work, like using Word, PowerPoint, iDVD, and many other software. But accessing the Internet for web browsing? I think that it will eventually cease.

Not for a long time, though. I mean, you’re reading this on a computer, aren’t you?

As the popularity of mobile web browsing, and apps increases, I believe that web browsers will become on computers and will eventually move toward mobile devices. Using an app, you can get whatever information you want, like what’s trending on twitter, recipes from Food Network, or find a good local restaurant on Google Maps.

The APP is how the Internet will progress. Web browsing will be a thing of the past.

Guess I should make an app for my blog?

What do you think?

2 thoughts on “The Internet’s True Potential

  1. don’t get ahead of yourself! Webbrowsing will not go away because the web page is a common ground between all devices. While it might taper, the demand for cross platform, unrestricted information will prevent its demise.

    • Maybe not totally, but my point was more that it will be definitely be dominated by a mobile type of browsing. a desktop computer or laptop will be less frequently used as a web browser, in my opinion.

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