Eliminating a Click or Pop in a Recording

I recently purchased a new USB microphone for voice over work and had the first chance to try it out. The Samson CO1U is a very nice and affordable microphone and fit my needs perfectly.

When I finished my VO and edits, I exported the file as an MP3 to e-mail my client. When I listened to the export, I heard a click toward the beginning of the file. How could I have missed it? It’s right in the middle of the word, “warrior.”I spent some time editing again. I had to find exactly where the click was to eliminate it.

[audio http://f.cl.ly/items/0Q2H2F1i0n2V183w2F1j/marine-glitch.mp3]

I zoomed in tight and found the very oscillation of the sine curve where the click was. I selected just that section, and deleted it, leaving the remaining portion of the word virtually intact.

And here’s after the final edit.

[audio http://f.cl.ly/items/0Q2H2F1i0n2V183w2F1j/marine-no-glitch.mp3]

If you’re using Audacity, Audition, Garage Band, or any other audio mastering tools, you can eliminate a pop or click by selecting a small portion of the waveform and deleting it, even from inside a spoken word!

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