For Hire


Recently I took a new job allowing me to fulfill my dream of working in broadcast television. This also allows me to have more time to work for hire. Officially, I am now a freelance videographer, editor, graphic animator, and audio editor. If you or someone you know and love is looking for any of the aforementioned skills and services, even a 30 second commercial, visit my Contact page and drop me a line!

One thought on “For Hire

  1. Hi Israel , Congratulations on your new job,also on getting to do what you like. I’m happy for you. Does this means that if I ask a video question I have to pay? Any way, need to ask about your smart phone. Looking into the idea to change to what you have. Popo gave me the i phone but it can’t be used with Verizon, so I have to look at another Currier. We’ll talk more later. Take care and God bless you and Shalee.

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