My predictions with Apple and the new iPhone 5

Ever since Apple started using the iPhone and iOS to make some really great looking and useful products, I started wondering myself what would be the future of the company and what would be the next big product. I thought of some possibilities that the company could do and I’ve seen them actually do some of those things but of course a little differently.

Of course we all know about FaceTime where you can have a phone call on your cell phone while seeing the person you are speaking to. It’s no surprise that I and everyone else in the world would’ve wanted them to do that over 3G instead of just Wi-Fi, and now they’re actually doing that, so this one doesn’t really count.

One idea I thought of was to use the Apple TV or similar device to transmit video fed from your computer so that way you wouldn’t have to have it connected with the cable. This is also a new function that they did.

Another thing that I honestly truly thought of is the development of some sort of search tool. And instead of it being like Google giving many answers, it should only give the answer that you’re looking for. This was fulfilled by Siri.

While I don’t know all too much of the speculations of what will happen with the iPhone 5, I do have an idea that I think will really start to take hold and could potentially be the future of how we communicate.

Even from the days of AIM, I have always been a fan of video chatting. If I had the opportunity I would rather have everyone video chat me than call me on the phone. I guess I’ve really been too big a fan of the Jetsons, but those are the days that we live in now!

You see, the telephone or mobile phone is now kind of more like a novelty. You can use your phone to do banking and text your friends and going Facebook and Twitter and look at the stars and write blogs–you don’t really even use your phone to make phone calls anymore. So why even have a phone in the first place? What even makes a phone a phone anymore? The fact that you can use the Internet on it?

At Apple’s latest live event, they said that the third-generation iPad with 4G connectivity and the iPhone 4S would be able to do FaceTime calls using your phone number or email address. So if you think about it your email address has become your new “phone number”.

So what do you need the iPhone for anymore? Your iPad over 4G can do video chatting, therefore it has the right stuff to make a “phone call”. The iPad is now essentially a large iPhone.

By having a third-generation 4G iPad, and using your email address, you could technically make “phone calls” without actually having a phone!

What I think I would like to see Apple do and maybe the whole world do in communicating with each other, is drop the notion of having to have a phone and instead using a device like an iPad or just a portable 4G tablet or computer and thus make phone calls that way.

Of course the problem is portability and that fact that the cell phone is easier to store and a pocket pouch. That is an obstacle that would have to be overcome. But, the idea here is that you would be able to make a phone call without actually having a phone. And that’s why using a 4G tablet to do a video call I think could end up replacing the mobile phone one day.

And one final note. I actually wrote this blog post today by using Mac OS X Mountain Lion voice to text feature. I then listened to it using the text to speech feature.

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