Short update

Whew, there’s quite a bit of dust on the blog.

I wanted to stop by and leave a message for my readers and viewers to thank you for your continuing to follow my blog and tweets and Facebook updates as I have let this site do its thing. I have been working on many new short projects and a couple longer ones which have taken up a large chunk of my time the last couple months. Hopefully I should be done with them by the early summer.

The project I anticipate taking the longest was a minidoc I plan to make about my grandfathers. I went on a short trip to Puerto Rico to see and interview them and 6 hours of footage later… I just have a lot to go through before I can see the end just yet.

Some things to look forward to are more film tips: short videos or posts about understanding how to make your videos look better; and tech tricks: learning how to use your gadgetry to its fullest; and some updates on old posts I’ve done in the past with some new insight and hopefully shorter explanations!

With that said I have to get back to work. Thanks for reading and I’ll be back soon!


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