My First Wedding Shoot

This past May, I had the opportunity to shoot a wedding for friends of mine at church. I had wanted to shoot a wedding for a few years before I got into doing my own independent work, and I really wanted to dive into this realm to learn more.

The idea was to follow the couple for the day, from the guys getting ready at a hi-end barber shop, and the ladies getting ready at the church, all the way to the end when the couple drives away. I bought a Delkin Devices Fat Gecko car mount for that!

It was a successful day. We were worried about the rain expected that afternoon. The women had to have their pictures inside and the men’s photos were taken just at the start of the precipitation. I just wanted it to clear up enough to use the car mount.

When we heard they were going to be driving away, my partner and I had our plan set in place. I grabbed the Gecko and a towel and ran to their getaway car, cleared off a spot on the hood, and positioned the camera where I wanted it. I then took the camera off and ran to follow the couple as they walked out. When they got in the car, I slid the camera in the Gecko’s quick release and they took off. The groom knew to stop at the end of the property where my partner was waiting to pick it up off the hood so they could continue to their honeymoon.

It was important to stay out of their way most of the day, to not be intrusive during certain moments, and to keep things happy, energetic, and exciting. Especially with the car mount, I assured the couple, don’t worry about it being there, because I would be worrying enough for us all!

Check the wedding film below.

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