Daily Devotional for the Deaf

Recently I’ve been working with a friend from church who works with the deaf teaching and preaching to them the gospel of Christ. Some of his associates expressed interest in making daily devotional videos for the deaf so the teaching can be seen by more deaf and share the Good News with them. We talked about it and started filming this week.

Our setup was simple, one camera outdoors in the shade with a nice background. I used my shotgun mic rather than a lavaliere because some gestures require moving close to the chest and neck and I didn’t want there to be any problems with that. Of course, when we did the first take, the dump truck drove by band started banging the dumpster around.

One problem I had was the mic clip. Because I had to borrow an articulating arm mic stand, my mount would not fit on the end, and the accompanying clip was JUST too big. I mean, barely! I didn’t have gaffer tape or anything to secure it in the clip, either. So to hold the mic in place, I knew I only needed something small to provide some friction to hold it in place. I took the small plastic bag the dead cat came in and put it inside the clip which provided the friction necessary to secure it in place.


You may be thinking, “Why does a video for the deaf need audio?” We’ll, the gospel isn’t just for the deaf! The hearing who watch will need interpretation, and it can be useful for practice, too.

The videos we plan to make for an entire year, 365 short devotions for the deaf to get teaching straight from the Bible. We completed just over 2 weeks worth before our time ran out, so this project will run for some time! We hope to complete a month’s worth in a day, but what killed our time was transferring files and how chatterboxy we were in between takes! The videos were about 3 minutes each, and 7 of those are over 20 minutes, plus a minute or so in between each. So to complete 30 videos could take a couple hours to do. Time management is certainly important and necessary when trying to do something so timely!

I’ll keep up when these are done and started to be posted, too.

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