Introducing TWIST

Have you ever heard an elderly person use the phrase, “Well, back in my day…” And you see how popular the new classic TV channels are with all of the old popular shows they love to watch so much. Sounds lame, right? We rebut with, “Get with the program!” or call them “old fashioned.” But as I mature, I notice how I miss my own “day” and how things were when I was growing up. I even find myself using those phrases, too. They don’t sound so lame anymore.I mean, I plan on not having cable and just buying all the shows I watched as a kid and expect my children will watch them so they understand what good TV was for me!

So what is TWIST?

TWIST is a series of commentaries I make about living life in the 21st Century. I grew up in the 90s, a very peaceful and fun-loving time, nothing like the world we live in today, without elaborating. It stands for The Way I See Things. I’ll discuss things from the past, Biblical truths, parenting, and current events. The plan is to have one per week, releasing Fridays. Subscribe to be kept up to date when I begin this series.

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