My 9/11 Experience | TWIST Ep 1

This week marks thirteen years since the events of 9/11. While everyone has a story to tell of where they were when it happened, and how they felt, I realized that thirteen years is half of my life. I reflect on my story from that day and how life has changed since then in my first video of The Way I See Things.


Introducing TWIST

Have you ever heard an elderly person use the phrase, “Well, back in my day…” And you see how popular the new classic TV channels are with all of the old popular shows they love to watch so much. Sounds lame, right? We rebut with, “Get with the program!” or call them “old fashioned.” But as I mature, I notice how I miss my own “day” and how things were when I was growing up. I even find myself using those phrases, too. They don’t sound so lame anymore. Continue reading

Why I won’t see Noah



The movie, Noah, released in March 2014, is sure to be an epic movie, but it isn’t without its controversies. For over a year I have heard about this movie, and for the past several months have read pre-screening reviews about it trying to justify if this would be a movie I would want to pay to see. It’s sad to report that I will not go see this epic Bible film based on what I have read and heard.

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Daily Devotional for the Deaf

Recently I’ve been working with a friend from church who works with the deaf teaching and preaching to them the gospel of Christ. Some of his associates expressed interest in making daily devotional videos for the deaf so the teaching can be seen by more deaf and share the Good News with them. We talked about it and started filming this week.
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My First Wedding Shoot

This past May, I had the opportunity to shoot a wedding for friends of mine at church. I had wanted to shoot a wedding for a few years before I got into doing my own independent work, and I really wanted to dive into this realm to learn more.

The idea was to follow the couple for the day, from the guys getting ready at a hi-end barber shop, and the ladies getting ready at the church, all the way to the end when the couple drives away. I bought a Delkin Devices Fat Gecko car mount for that! Continue reading

Short update

Whew, there’s quite a bit of dust on the blog.

I wanted to stop by and leave a message for my readers and viewers to thank you for your continuing to follow my blog and tweets and Facebook updates as I have let this site do its thing. I have been working on many new short projects and a couple longer ones which have taken up a large chunk of my time the last couple months. Hopefully I should be done with them by the early summer. Continue reading